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Hillbilly Othello - Unauthorized Tales from the Soliesverse [Authorized Solies] [Authorized Blinky] [Authorized Lena] [Authorized Lanna] [Authorized QAGoddess]
April 28th, 2008
07:50 am


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Hillbilly Othello
Jumpie: Emma, wake up. I need you. This is serious.
Emma: I am awake.
Jumpie: Do we have tweezers.
Emma: Not up here, what's wrong?
Jumpie: Why do we never have tweezers around here?
Emma: Oh, not this again!
Jumpie: I was in the garden today and you forgot to tick check me afterwards.
Emma: I could use this pair of needle nose pliers to extract the beastie.
Jumpie: Don't do me no favours. What do you know about ticks anyway?
Emma: Hello. Me and Solies used to play under the tick tree. Do you think we didn't learn nothing?
Jumpie: Bah. I got it.
Emma: Fine.
Jumpie: I've got it mostly out, but I can't get him to pull out any further.
Emma: Let me. (Emma flexes needle nose pliers)
Jumpie: Not with those! You'll leave his head.
Emma: Trust me. Hillbilly Redneck girl. We know ticks. Now give me the rubbin' alcohol!
Emma: ...and that's exactly what happened.
Solies: That's what so great about ticks. 1 minute to remove. A lifetime to recover.

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Current Music: Gretchen Wilson "Redneck Woman"
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