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Solies Friends Feud - Unauthorized Tales from the Soliesverse [Authorized Solies] [Authorized Blinky] [Authorized Lena] [Authorized Lanna] [Authorized QAGoddess]
July 25th, 2008
10:01 am


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Solies Friends Feud
Emma: I don't feel useful.
Lanna: You're kidding right?
Announcer:We surveyed 100 loyal soliefriends readers...

Blinky: whispers to SoliesAre there 100 loyal soliefriends readers?
Solies:whispers back Maybe he means 5. Shush.

Announcer: ...to find the top 5 most useful items in the Soliesverse. Lanna and Emma take the toss up question. Lanna, you were first to buzz in.
Lanna: The packet!
Announcer: Lanna says "packet!" Survey says.....*ding* Number 2!
Lanna's team cheers!

Blinky: Whispers to Solies Did he just say "ding?"
Solies: Whispers back No budget for fancy sound effects. Shush!

Announcer: Well, Mr. Lanna, top 5 most useful things in the Solieverse.
Mr.Lanna Well, when I was busy, Virtual Jumpie was able to help Lanna with her job hunting. So I say, "Virtual Jumpie."
Announcer: "Do we hear, "Viritual Jumpie?" *Ding* Number 5!
Cheers from the Lanna team!

Announcer: Mr. Spock, give me one of the top 5 most useful things in the Solieverse.
Mr. Spock: Well, everyone is always talking about how much they like to eat, and there's a lot of eating. How about "Lunch?"
Stewie: I like lunch!
Announcer: Do we have "lunch?" *Ding* Number 3!
Lanna's team cheers!
Announcer: Kirk, what do you think is one of the most useful items in the Soliesverse.
Kirk: Well they do talk alot about baseball and hockey. So, sports?
Announcer Show me, "Sports!" *Ding* Number 4.

Jumpie: (From Emma's side of the room) Sports is more important than virtual Jumpie! What's wrong with these readers?

Announcer:Angelica, only the number 1, most important item in the Soliesverse remains. What do you think it is?
Angelica: Chalk.
Blinky:whispers to solies Chalk?
Solies shrugs
Announcer: Show me "chalk!" *BRAP* Sorry, no chalk. Strike one. Stewie, what do you think the number one, most useful item in the Solieverse is?
Stewie: White!
Mr. Lanna (whispers to Lanna) white?
Lanna: (whispers back) He means "the packet" but I already said that!
Announcer: Show me, "White!" *BRAP* Oooh, two strikes. Last chance. For the win, Lanna, can you pick the number one most useful item in the Soliesverse.
Lanna: Uh....oh....well, most useful thing for me is talking to Emma and she does write most of the posts, so she's most familiar to the soliesverse loyalists, so I'm going to say, "Emma!"
Emma: I am not a thing!
Announcer: If you miss this answer, the question goes to Emma's team for them to guess. It will be your third strike, so for the win, Show me, "Emma!" *DING* Number 1!
Emma: ...you know that never really happened right?
Lanna: Of course it did. If it didn't happen, I couldn't tell you about it now could I?
Emma: Well, that's fair.
Lena: I don't understand why Stella wasn't listed.
Lanna: She's actually the 6th most useful thing in soliefriends. The list only went to 5.
Lena: But Stella's way more useful than Virtual Jumpie or sports. But as long as she beat Screech. Where was he?
Lanna: 210th.
Lena: How I loathe it.

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