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Where is Solies: Part CXXIII

Emma: Where is Solies?
Blinky: It's been ages.
Solies: I'm right here.
Emma: I don't understand why we haven't heard from him.
Blinky: It's like he fell of the end of the Earth.
Solies: I'm standing right behind you.
Ann: Hey have you guys seen Solies?
Emma: We were just talking about that, we haven't seen or heard from Solies.
Blinky: I miss the little guy.
Solies: Yeah, me too.
Emma: Well, we can't sit around and brood forever. It's time we got to replacing him.
Solies: Repla...?
Ann: You can't replace Solies!
Solies: Yeah! You tell her!
Ann: We'll have to rearchitect him.
Solies: What?
Blinky: That's a great idea! I'll start working on the software.
Ann: And I'll test it.
Emma: I'm not documenting Solies!
Room is silent as everyone looks at her...
Emma: ...any more than I already do.
Ann: Go team!
Everyone leaves except Emma and Solies.
Emma: I think I'd rather have the real Solies.
Solies: That's so sweet.
Emma: Blinky's code is bound to be buggy and say stupid things like, "Blinky, you're so dreamy." and everyone knows Solies would never say that.
Solies: Definitely not.
Emma: He'd say, "Emma, you're so dreamy."
Solies: uhhhh......
Emma: Or, Emma, you're so smart.
Solies: Or, Emma, you're scaring me.
Emma: Oh, sorry about that.
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