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Emma (on the phone): Jumpie, can you go to my laptop, check in the front compartment and grab the memory card out of the card reader? The card reader is translucent light blue, and very small.
Jumpie: Can't find card or reader.
Emma: Strange. It should be there, try the main compartment.
Jumpie: The pockets too?
Emma: No, if it's not in that front compartment or the main compartment, it won't be there. Very strange.
Jumpie: Sorry, honey. You'll have to look when you get home.
Emma: Okay. Thanks for trying.

Emma returns. Inserts hand in front pocket of laptop case and immediately withdraws it with a small translucent blue card reader in her hand containing a memory card.
Emma: There, I thought it should be there.
Jumpie: But...I...I looked through everything in there!
Emma: It doesn't matter. What else do we need?
Jumpie: You said there were batteries in the front hall. I'll get them.
Jumpie opens up the front hall closet and looks around. Emma walks over, reaches in without looking and grabs two packages of batteries and heads downstairs.
Emma: And a bottle of Bourbon right?
Jumpie: Following Uh...yeah...right. Would you stop doing that?!
Emma: I can't. It's like Scott Summers can't turn off his eye beams. It's just what I do.
Jumpie: Well, it's scary.
Emma: Yeah, well you're annoying.
Jumpie: I see your point.
Emma: You can't turn the powers off, you just gotta respect 'em.
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