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Stories from the Solies Universe
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This community is the unauthorized further tales of the characters in the solies universe.
The community has implemented a tag system. While it's not required that you use tags when you post, it is encouraged.
What is tagged?
Major subject areas are tagged.
For examples: There are a few series posts that run such as the (unauthorized) Blinky and Solies Mystery hour, Emma Flytrap, and Where is Solies. Any posts that further these series are tagged accordingly.
Characters are tagged.
Any recurring characters are tagged. For more information on the characters and the tags used for them, see the character list below.
Catchphases are tagged.
Catchphrases are recurring lines and themes such as the more you know...
Subjects are tagged.
Posts can be tagged by subject, for example, lunch time conversation.

The happily married Blinky is the dreamy police detective working tirelessly to free our city of evildoors, food, and promoting the latest technologies. Sometimes he works at Widget 1 as a shared resource, just to help out, because that's the type of civic minded guy he is.
Blinky appears in posts tagged blinky and in posts tagged blinky and solies

Tireless and fiercefully devoted to duty, Solies is the smart police detective working tirelessly to free our fair city of evildoors. Solies is so smart, his chief often compares him to Albert Freaking Einstein, the famous guy with the most prodigiously cool suits.
Solies appears in posts tagged solies and in posts tagged and in posts tagged blinky and solies

Words fail to paint a picture of the brilliant, talented, lovely Emma. Friend to famous detectives and Vikings alike, Emma dazzles with talent, ingenuity, and her ability to create livejournal communities, such as this one.
Emma appears in posts tagged emma
Emma has mountain lions that have been surgically implanted with tasers. She has more than one lion, but only one has been named. They call him Nigel. But his name actually is Nigel. All stories with any of the lions, regardless of name, origin, or anything else, are tagged mountain lions.

Lanna gave up the working life, for the hard working life, and is now a full-time stay at home mom. Which does not mean she doesn't take time out of her busy life to star in stories in the soliesverse.
Lanna appears in posts tagged lanna

The Ukranian Brainian, Boris is a wiz coder who often assists, unless he needs a cigarette, but never seems to be around when a superhero is called for...
Boris appears in posts tagged boris.

No one knows who this tireless masked crusader against evil is, but we know that where ever there is trouble, the people can always count on the mysterious and elusive ZABO, who does not smoke, as it quite bad for you. ZABO prefers cases where all the elements are clearly labled.
ZABO appears in posts tagged zabo.

Irv is a down home kinda guy who doesn't read blogs and only sometimes deigns to appear in them.
Irv appears in posts tagged Irv.

Steve is always there when you need him, and when you don't, and sometimes both. No one is sure how Steve accomplishes this, but whenever you see a character show up, it's probably Steve. He has many, many aliases.
Steve appears in posts tagged steve, regardless of the name he uses during the post.

Lena is a mermaid friend of Solies who often comes out onto dry land to assist Solies and friends. They require her assistance quite often. She does not get along with Screech.
Lena: Tell them I loathe it.
Apparently she loathes it.
Lena: Tell them my tag name too.
Lena appears in posts tagged lena.

The beautious Stella is the fairest cat in all the land. She lives under the water with Lena the Mermaid and they have grand times together.
Stella appears in posts tagged stella
Marvin is a friend of solies who works at the Sci-Fi games store, plays Dungeons and Dragons regularly and collects resin figurines which he paints himself and displays proudly in the basement apartment at his parents house that he calls home. He owns his own bicycle. He probably lives in Cambridge. He's that kind of guy.

Solies closest friend, Lexie can always be counted on to be his voice of reason.

As an aspiring author, Screech the Ringtailed monkey, hopes to take the literary world by storm. In the meantime, however, he is chained to a typewriter in Solies basement forced to turn out stories like this for pudding pops. (Although in Solies defence, it must be stated that Screech likes pudding pops, and could probably have negotiated for a better salary and better working conditions had not Solies distracted him during negotiations by waving a pudding pop.)
Screech appears in posts tagged screech
Once actually random, RECW now refers specifically to the marketing dude who shares a cube wall with Emma. He should not be confused with REFCW.
RECW appears in posts tagged recw
Monica (AKA: REFCW)
Monica is the DBA for Widget1, and so much more. She has a dry humour that oftens counterpoints well to Soliesverse.
Ann - QA Goddess
QAGoddess watches the goings on at Widget 1 with a practiced eye. She has lived through the worst and lived to tell about it. The rest is just for fun.
QAGoddess appears in posts tagged qagoddess
Macroman is the hero of project management. He is largely responsible, along with Jax for keeping these holigans in line. Poor guy.
MacroMan appears in posts tagged macroman
MacroMan also sponsors a series of management training posts, which you can find using the tag macroman management techniques.
Jan (also referred to as )RPCW
Jan is a creaky developer type with a dry wit. He oftens provides an acerbic counterpoint to the bubbly Emma.
Jan appears in posts tagged jan

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